Not Quite Jason Tucker

Work History

Junior Developer
Venminder (2014)
Software Developer
Refund Advantage (2014-2015)
Technical Lead
Strategic Marketing (2015-Present)

Live Projects

Interactive collection of solutions to CSS Battles
An example of Inverse Kinematics using P5.js
TensorFlow Neural Network
Color Vision Test Generator
Generate a color vision test with custom text
This Site
A page.

Code Challenges


Daily Code Challenges
Some of the early challenges I did on
Bowling Kata
A Kata for learning TDD
League API
Integration with League of Legends API for a contest


A challenge to learn about the yeild keyword in C#
Fizz Buzz Complex
Take basic Fizz Buzz and allow lamda functions for the checks

Graveyard (Abandonware)

D&D 5E Charater Builder
A decorator based character building tool
Iron Lake
My attempt at making a game engine (ended up with basically Unity Game Objects)
Linked Tracker
Websocket based multiplayer tracker for A Link to the Past Randomizer
Specter Ops
Digital map for the board game Specter Ops
Ticker Fetch
Tool for pulling in Stock and Crypto prices into an Excel sheet (This has been moved to Google Sheets)